Dr. Stevens’ Story: A False Accusation


Recently, a family engaged in Bond Investigations to investigate a false accusation of assault. They believed this allegation had led to a case of wrongful arrest.  Dr. Stevens (not his real name) was a family doctor with a successful practice until he was accused of sexual assault by a female patient- for privacy’s sake, let’s call her Jane.  Following the accusation, the police arrested Dr. Stevens based solely on Jane’s statements.

After thirty days, Dr. Stevens’ family grew concerned that this false accusation could actually lead to a conviction.  That’s when they contacted Bond Investigations and retained our services to aid in his criminal defense proceedings.  Firstly, we discovered that she went out on a date the very night she claimed the assault occurred.  Our investigators were able to interview this man and his statements were a helpful starting point in defending Dr. Stevens.

As the investigation continued, we discovered that Jane traveled frequently to Australia and she had left a trail of broken hearts in her wake.  She had a string of exes, all of whom established that she was dating men for money.  In fact, at the time of the false accusation, she had two fiancées in Sydney. It was clear to our team that the key to the case would be found with these two men in Australia.  A trip to Australia would be expensive.  The family doubted that it would be worthwhile.  Mr. Gray assured them that because time was of the essence, it was crucial to gather evidence to disprove Jane’s false accusations.  Attempts by defense attorneys and our team to contact both men were met with resistance.  The family knew that Dr. Stevens’ defense was down to a risky “he said-she said” confrontation.

As the defense prepared the case for Dr. Stevens, the family decided that Bond Investigations would investigate Jane’s affairs in Australia..  Dorian Gray flew directly to Sydney and got to work, staking out the home of the fiancée.  Before long, he conducted an interview with the man.  He had exactly the evidence that the defense team needed.  Jane told him she had made the false accusation against Dr. Stevens in an attempt to “shake him down”.   Specifically, he noted that the bogus claims against the doctor were an attempt to get enough money to visit him in Australia.

While Jane’s fiancée didn’t wish to travel to America to testify against her, once the investigations team explained the severity of the situation, he consented.  The jury concluded that Dr. Stevens was not guilty at trial. Afterward, they specifically credited Jane’s fiancée’s testimony with being instrumental to the verdict.  The state released Dr. Stevens immediately following the trial, so justice was served.

In conclusion, every investigator knows that there are dozens of ways to uncover evidence, from social media to electronic records and phone calls. The best investigators know when to get down to some old fashioned detective work.

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