George’s Story: A Case of Self Defense and Mistaken Identity

George (not his real name) was a union welder and had been for his entire adult life.  At age fifty-nine, he was beginning to dream of retirement.  Then an opportunity to take a higher paying job moved him from Baltimore, Maryland to San Francisco.  George settled into a routine in San Francisco and was doing well at his new job.  He invited an old friend from Baltimore, let’s call him Bob, whom he had known for twenty years, to stay with him in San Francisco and look for work.  That’s when a squabble and a case of mistaken identity almost derailed his life.

After a night of drinking at the bar with his girlfriend and Bob, the trio returned home, where a disagreement started.  Bob’s frustrations boiled over and a fight broke out.  In the struggle, Bob picked up a knife and stabbed George.  George decided to leave for the night and let his friend sleep it off.  Unfortunately, Bob was still drunk and violent, and he attacked George again.  This time, George wrestled the knife away from his friend and defended himself.  Within hours, the police arrested George on charges of Second Degree Murder.

For the next nine months, George waited in jail, unable to pay an excessively high bail set by the judge.  Despite being close to retirement age, George’s union wouldn’t allow him to access the funds for criminal defense.  So he was stuck relying on the public defender. While being held before trial, George heard about a private investigator.  This investigator had a great reputation and worked frequently with the top criminal defense lawyers in San Francisco.

That’s when Bond Investigations and Lead Investigator Dorian Gray came into the case.

Within days, Bond Investigations communicated with the Union to explain the situation and they made the funds available.  With this new lifeline, George hired a top local defense attorney, Daniel R. Raynak.  Working with the new attorney, Bond Investigations then turned to the task of getting George’s bail reduced.  As it turned out, the judge set the exorbitantly high bail because of a case of mistaken identity.

Back in Baltimore, another man with the same name and similar birth date had amassed quite a rap sheet. When the judge had inquired about George’s criminal record, a simple search had shown a slew of prior violations.  Understanding that mistaken identity was keeping their client in jail, Bond Investigations flew to Baltimore.  While there, Dorian Bond went from courthouse to courthouse, correcting each violation in turn. When Dorian presented this new information to the judge, George’s bail was reduced to an appropriate amount.  He was able to walk free awaiting his trial.

Over the next few months, Bond Investigations worked with the defense team to uncover key evidence and locate witnesses that aided in George’s defense.  Together, they built an airtight self-defense case for George and on the first day of the trial, all charges were dismissed.

With the case of mistaken identity behind him, George has returned to Baltimore to finish his career and retire as planned.

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