The Duck Hunter : A Tale of Insurance Fraud


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At Bond Investigations, we take pride in helping people from all walks of life. We also frequently work with businesses of all sorts.  There are many professional situations that require the expert services of an investigative team, from background checks to industrial espionage. The most common reason that businesses call us, by far, is helping to deal with insurance fraud.

Recently, a small business near Dallas contacted us about an employee who had made a workman’s compensation insurance claim.  While the employer valued their employees greatly and had proper insurance policies in place to deal with workplace injuries, the management began to suspect something was up.  As days away from work turned into weeks, the employee claimed that he was still unable to return and do his job.  Worker’s compensation insurance is expensive, and claims can quickly add up to higher costs for employers, so the management was obviously worried that the employee was taking advantage of the situation.

The business owners asked Bond Investigations to monitor the employee’s behavior regularly and confirm if he was physically unfit to return to work, or if he was simply taking a vacation on the company’s dime.

It didn’t take long for the team at Bond Investigations to discover what the employee was up to.  A few early mornings discretely following the subject through the woods and to local lakes told the whole story.  The employee was using his paid injury leave to go duck hunting on a daily basis.  Strenuous hiking, heavy lifting and cramped conditions are all common in any hunting discipline.  Not to mention the body jarring jolt of a rifle’s recoil.  The man wasn’t injured in the slightest, and certainly could have returned to work.

He was taking advantage of his employer and the insurance system.  The team continued discretely documenting his actions with long range lenses for video and photographic proof for a week.  The gathered evidence was very useful when the employer requested that the insurance company deny his claim. Later, the employee  was charged criminally with insurance fraud.  In the end, the business ended up saving well over one hundred thousand dollars by catching this employee in the act.