Veronica’s Story: An Unfaithful Husband Caught in the Act

A recent client, we’ll call her Veronica, contacted the offices of Bond Investigations because she was afraid that her husband might be having an affair.  He was acting strangely and working much longer hours all of a sudden.  Veronica confronted her husband with her suspicions.  The husband denied that he was having an affair and shrugged off her concerns.  Despite his denials, the strange behavior and odd schedule continued.  Veronica checked his social media, texts and phone records.  She discovered that her husband had been communicating regularly with a woman she didn’t know in Nevada.

Then, her husband told her about a week-long “business trip” to Nevada.  Veronica knew she needed to get proof of her husband’s affair.  Veronica took a free consultation with Bond Investigations.  During the meeting, we suggested that surveillance in Nevada would be the best way to confirm the affair.  She knew that she needed visual proof because of her husband’s denials. So, Veronica agreed and worked with Bond Investigations.  She provided images of her husband and the suspected “other woman” so the detectives could identify them on sight.  She also provided a detailed flight itinerary that included the airline, flight times and flight numbers.

Bond Investigations dispatched a team of two investigators to the airport.  One waited at the arrival gate, and one waited outside the airport baggage claim.  These positions optimized the coverage of arriving passengers at the airport.  This ensured that the husband and his mistress would be caught if there was any indication that the affair was taking place.  The investigations team documented public displays of affection when Veronica’s husband was greeted at the gate with kisses and an embrace.  The investigators worked diligently and continued surveillance throughout the week. The team created iron-clad documentation of her husband’s infidelity.

Veronica was dismayed to view photos and video that proved her husband’s infidelity.  However, her instinct to find the truth had helped her navigate the difficult situation.  Thanks to the professional detectives at Bond Investigations, she had all the evidence to make the best decision for her and her children.

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